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Where do I start with my family. They are AWESOME!!! My parents are the greatest people in the world! My mom, Millie, is a cosmetologist. She has done hair for about 6 years now. She is the manager at the holiday hair on wayne avenue. My dad is an auto mechanic. He has worked on cars now for about 20 years. (That makes him OLD!!) He is very good at what he does though. He works at Harrisburg Hyundai. We do a lot of stuff together. He are defiantly father and son. haha. That's what everybody says anyway. Then there's my brother. He's a bit "out there" but hes pretty cool when he wants to be. He is 18 now. He graduated last year from Chambersburg. He works at Borders Warehouse in Plainfield. He has worked there since he graduated. He has had a girlfriend now for over a year. Her name is Jeanette. She pretty cool too. She my little big sister! haha. My real sister, Brittny, is 10. She is such a hand-full. My dad spoiled her ROTTEN! She can be cool though. She is in fifth grade. She goes to the Shippensburg Intermediate school. Well, that's my crazy family. Don't mess with THE PIPERS!!